What To Bring

Greetings Fiber.Love.Retreaters!

It’s almost time to start packing to go to the retreat, which means you probably want to know what to bring!  Please follow the link at the bottom of the page, for a handy checklist of what you’ll need, as well as some suggestions that will make your retreat more comfortable for you.   A little more information is needed on a few of those items so we’re going into a little more detail.

Proof of vaccination and at least one booster: A photo copy or a picture taken from your smart phone is fine, and we will not be keeping copies of your card. We do not want to turn anyone away, but for the safety of all the attendees, there will be no exceptions to this; proof of vaccination is required for this retreat. Thanks for understanding.

Refillable water bottle: McCall doesn’t have recycling available, so in the interest of keeping single use plastic to a minimum, please consider bringing a refillable water bottle.

There are some things on the checklist marked “voluntary”. 

3 items for the Thursday night activity: We’ll be playing a fun, fast moving game for about an hour, to get to know each other.  Bring 3 items with a  value of $5.00 – $10.00 each.  You don’t need to go buy anything; this can come from things you already have, such as yarn (you can bring yarn you’ve got leftovers of, as long as there’s enough to be a nice 20 gram mini), some notion you don’t use, but someone else might enjoy, fancy stitch markers…. you get the idea.

Your MAL: If you participated.  It doesn’t need to be finished.  

Something for the Friday night fashion show/fashion advice:  You’ll want to bring your MAL project, if you made one (or two, for you really ambitious types). You’ll also want to bring something you’ve made, but every time you put it on, you ask yourself “how the heck do I WEAR this?”  This is also “show and tell” night; bring something you’ve made that you’re really proud of, or has a special story behind it. We love seeing what people have made. We promise no one will be put on the spot. Introverts are welcome to just sit and watch, this is all entirely voluntary.

Snack tables: We know sometimes people like a snack in between meals, so we will have a community snack table (two actually, one is gluten free) in the cafeteria.  If you’re so inclined, please bring a snack to share, and make sure to put it on the appropriate table.

Love gift for Camp Ida-Haven staff: This is voluntary, and anonymous. The staff at Camp Ida-Haven work incredibly hard to make our stay enjoyable.  There will be a “love gift” box, with envelopes provided, if you choose to include a gratuity.  This will be presented to the staff on Saturday evening, at dinner.

Giveaway table: Do you have some yarn in your stash that you know you’ll never use? Needles or hooks?  Books?  Fiber?  Share them with your fellow retreaters.  We’ll have a freebie table to put things you want to pass along to someone else.  If you see something on the table you want, please feel free to take it.  Everything else is on the linked checklist.  If you think of something we’ve forgotten, please let us know, so we can do an update (and add it to the list for next year!)

Thanks so much!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  We’ll see you soon! The Fiber.Love.Retreat. team