Flock Cancer

Flock Cancer Idaho is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness about breast cancer and focuses on fundraising for breast cancer fighters, survivors, families, and programs. They strive to be an excellent source of resources and information to support the Treasure Valley cancer community. More information is available on their website.

For anyone that would like to participate, we will be collecting donated items such as hats, scarves, gloves, shawls, and lap blankets at the retreat. Please see information below when determining what you’d like to make and/or donate.

Helpful information for item/fiber types for cancer patients.

Items Generally Made for Chemo or Cancer Patients

  • Chemo caps/hats/beanies
  • “Knitted knockers” or “crocheted knockers”
  • Scarves
  • Shawls
  • Blankets of different sizes

Chemo Caps/Hats/Beanies

Chemo treatment can cause hair loss, which means that a cancer patient will probably need a hat of some kind to keep their head warm – even if this is only at night. For this reason, chemo caps or hats are one of the easiest and most useful items to make and give for someone who is going through chemo treatment.

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Choosing Yarn

Because the beanie or hat will most likely be rubbing against the scalp of the person wearing it, please take care to make sure that the yarn used won’t be scratchy or uncomfortable to wear. For example, wool – unless the recipient chose it specifically – shouldn’t be used as it can be too rough or scratchy. People can also be allergic to wool.

Many recipients will sleep in the chemo cap, therefore the yarn shouldn’t be lumpy or textured, such as fun fur, chenille, or art yarns.  Please also be mindful of other types of textures, such as cables, if they create an uneven texture on the next to skin side of the hat.

Cotton, bamboo,  tencel and some synthetic blends work well for chemo caps, especially those used to make items for babies. 

Chemo can cause extreme skin sensitivities, so before gifting the chemo cap or other item, make sure that the item is:

  • Fragrance-free
  • Smoke-free
  • Pet hair free
  • Odor-free

Please wash the item with a fragrance-free detergent if necessary, and make sure the item is completely dry before donating.

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