Camp Ida-Haven, nestled on Payette Lake in beautiful McCall Idaho, is run as a summer camp for kids.  When they don’t have children’s groups scheduled, they rent out the venue for other groups, such as Fiber.Love.Retreat.*

Camp Ida-Haven is located 160 miles north of Boise, 259 miles south of Spokane, 450 miles east of Portland, 350 miles northwest of Idaho Falls, and 160 miles south of Lewiston.

Additional things to know about the retreat:

Camp Ida-Haven is a campground type setting.  For those folks who might find the walk between the cabins and the lodges a little intimidating, there will be three golf carts available for use. There are restrooms and showers located across from the old lodge.

For those of you who might not be able to toally “unplug,” there is Wifi available.

* While Camp Ida-Haven is a church owned camp, there are no religious overtones or services taking place during Fiber.Love.Retreat.