2024 Health & Safety Policy

We want everyone to have a safe experience at Fiber.Love.Retreat. The event is held at a children’s summer camp, with campground conditions such as uneven terrain. The access to the cafeteria and some restrooms requires the ability to navigate stairs. If you have mobility or balance challenges, or if you are a fall risk, this may not be the appropriate venue for you.

Like many other live events taking place during Covid-19, RSV, and other highly contagious viruses, we at Fiber.Love.Retreat. want to make sure we are creating as safe a space as possible for those attending the retreat.  Due to the changing nature of the virus, as of right now vaccinations and masking will be optional for 2023.*  We encourage you to take precautionary measures you feel are right for you.  

We also request that you stay home if:

  • You have tested positive for Covid-19, RSV, or any other contagious viruses, or have been exposed to someone who tested positive to any of these afflictions within two weeks prior to September 19, 2024.
  • You are showing symptoms of Covid-19, RSV, or any other contagious viruses within 72 hours of September 19, 2024.
  • You have been to any countries, cities and/or states that have travel advisories in response to Covid-19, RSV, or any other contagious viruses.

*These considerations are subject to change based on local conditions at the time of the retreat. 

While Fiber.Love.Retreat. has a posted refund policy, we want to be understanding and realistic in this changing environment.  If you are unable to attend due to extreme medical circumstances, we will credit you towards the 2025 retreat (less any expenses we have incurred on your behalf)